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3 Things That is Holding Your Business Back from Growing on Instagram

Every business owner has a fair share of challenges like why their business is not growing, sales are fluctuating, targets are not being hit and the list goes on. Whatever the case may be, these are common problems that every entrepreneur can relate to. Building a brand is difficult especially for beginners, and if you’ve been doing this for quite sometime and you are not getting results, then you just need some help!


Don’t worry it’s not too late to turn the tables. You can still save your business account and build it by considering these 3 factors:


  • Instagram is a great platform to be artistic and creative while marketing your products and services. Not only should you focus on how good the pictures look but it’s also a MUST to consider the value, frequency and the vibe of your content. There’s a saying that goes “People will stare, Make it worth their while”. This is what I consider the “seduction” in business. This is a great way to attract customers and make an impression so make it count! Instagram content is also a way to connect to people. Depending on your brand, it’s a great way to attract customers. People love beauty so if your page looks good then expect tons of followers coming your way! Also the picture caption really helps to keep viewers locked in.

Key points:

  • Lets say your brand is all about fitness and you are selling workout gear. You may not want to fill up your page with photos and videos about your products, because you’ll seem too desperate to sell. So instead you should try to post something to motivate your customers. Encouraging them to reach their goals. Inspire them to never give up! You should find a way to connect to their struggles and their success. This golden rule is also applicable to all other brands. Whatever industry you represent, connecting to your consumers is your goal. This is a great way to show that you value not only your products, but your customers as well.
  • Now this is a little bit tricky but you can get it done. Do NOT post 5x a day especially if you’re just getting started. Why? Because it is important that your followers can see the new post before you post a new one and another post after that. It is necessary to give each post an interval so you can get more people and traffic as much as you can. Secondly, take note of the different time zones. Let’s say you’re brand is based in United States, you need to really be mindful about this. You need to make sure that people are awake when you make a post. You are probably asking yourself, How about people from the other side of the world? How can I possibly reach them when we are awake when they sleep and vice versa? Well, this is the time that you need to consider hiring people / freelancers that are willing to do graveyard shifts for you. There are many freelancers out there that can help you manage it so you dont have to worry or feel like you are missing out on something whenever you go to bed. Hiring help is not a bad idea too.
  • I’ll make this clear and short. Nobody wants to follow a “dead” account. Account that has no life, no mission, no sight of empowerment and full of negative energy. You need to keep your account lively, encouraging, uplifting, full of passion and love. After all, your vibe attracts your tribe!

Bonus point: Visual content is essential to your marketing strategy. Stick to a consistent color scheme and style to ensure your Instagram feed reinforces your brand identity.


  • Every brand online needs to have a decent amount of followers. Followers are signs of a successful brand. Whether you’re a celebrity, athlete, musician, author, entrepreneur or a company you need to have followers if you want to grow your brand. If you are an old school person who believes that you can still get it done even without investing in your followers, think again! Without reach you will not be able to reach more people, without word of mouth nobody will speak about your brand or products. So without people following you, you are talking to a wall.

I would say that having followers on Instagram is not easy but it you take time to study and learn you will figure it out eventually. But if you’re too busy to do that and it sound tedious, there’s a lot of experts and social media managers that can assist you with this.


  • Instagram is platform where you can be creative. Well, I should also say that Instagram is also a digital storybook. Since, it is centered on storytelling you need to find a way to make your followers/customers/fans know what and why they should follow you. People would like to buy something especially if there’s a meaning to it. There is this brand that sells bikini and in every sale they put a percentage to an organization who will help in cleaning beaches, rivers and other bodies of water. Who wouldn’t like that? As a customer, I will buy their product instead of the other for a simple fact that I am helping my community. Purpose is what makes everything fulfilling and happy. A happy customer is a sign of a good business.

So, whoever you are, whatever industry you from, you need to consider these 3 factors if you feel like your brand is not growing as it supposed to. If you take these 3 tips into consideration you will have a successful brand! If you would like to ask questions or hire us to manage your social media send a message and follow me on Instagram @itscluediamond or Twitter @itscluediamond



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