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How to Pick a Niche for your Instagram or Twitter

How to Pick a Niche for your Instagram or Twitter

In the last few years people on social media have been baffled just now discovering what others have already known. That Social Media is growing at a rapid rate and you can’t beat them join them. So many people laughed at the idea of building an account online and looking at other peoples pictures or tweets. After they announced the ipo’s and the amount of money the social media networks were worth in Billions everybody jumped onboard.

By the time people jumped on the band wagon there were already social media influencers and gurus who were already in the millions of followers and making thousands monthly as a brand.

You might be wondering how can I get in on this epidemic and how do I build my brand online? Why is it that people aren’t engaging my account or buying into my products and message?

The word is Niche. If you haven’t chosen a Niche then you can bet your dollars that you will not be seeing the activity that you deserve.¬† I’m going to tell you how to pick your niche in this article so that you can start building your brand online and getting results from spending countless hours online.


Find your Niche

Before you can grow your brand online you need to pick a target audience and figure out who you will be talking to online. Answer these simple questions.

  1. Who is my customer, or audience?
  2. What are my interests and what value can I add to the community online?
  3. What content will I be able to provide for supporting material?
  4. How many customers do you think you can handle monthly and how much engagement or traffic do you want?

After answering those questions, the point is to identify who your customer is so you can create your content to show them that you are interested in the same things they are. When they can relate to you they will follow you. After you know what your interests are you can build a brand based on what you like to talk about or like to do. If you are into gaming you can make all your content about gaming, strategies, tutorials, and gameplay videos.

The value you will add to the community is most important because it shows the followers you have value in your posts and they will decide if they will see all your posts or if you will be just flowing down the waterfall of posts getting ignored. Based on your content you can keep you customers and followers interested in following and also sharing your posts with their followers. You will need to keep your content consistent or you might risk losing your followers. If you can handle thousands or only hundreds of customers that helps you know how much budget to put into growing your brand online, if you grow your brand into millions of followers you can expect hundreds of clients a week. I choose travel niche, and digital marketing is what I do. With my Niche I’m allowed to post my travels to drive traffic, then when people click my website they see I have a digital marketing blog mixed with travel blog. Its perfect for me because I’m showing all the ways I’m able to travel the world and make money.

Create a Strategy

After you have found your Niche and decided what you will post about, and who your customers are you will start creating a strategy. If you are just getting started you want to pick one niche and stick to it for a long while in order to build you followers up. You can do this by following people similar to your account, with the same interests.

You want to also comment on their posts by setting the notifications on and when they post be the first one to respond with a clever comment. Favorite/ Like their posts and start engaging with the community. Slowly you’ll start gaining followers in that community.

They will engage share and react to your posts. This is the hard part it will take a long time but it’s truly worth it. This is where your content starts to matter. You want to make sure you have strong supportive content, pictures, videos to show you’re adding value to the community. Soon you will be gaining high quality followers and perhaps get featured on other peoples pages. My strategy is to post travel photos tag larger travel pages and engage with the travelers. We all share our version of places we visited before so we are able to support each other with likes and comments. When you create your strategy make sure it allows you to communicate with the other pages. If you need more strategies checkout¬†5 Digital Marketing Strategies.


Stay Consistent

Once you have a following you want to stay consistent with posting, it does matter when you post, but not as much as it matter that you post. If you go 5 days without posting you can slowly become forgotten. You want to check out your similar pages and check the frequency in which they post. If they post 3 times a day you need to do 4. If they posts every 2-3 days you need to post ever other day until you get bigger than do what they do. They have perfected and mastered the strategy, just stay consistent and don’t post things that have nothing to do with your following. I post every 2 days, or 3 times a day on days I have lots to post. Sometimes I’m in a place where I’ve taken so many pictures I just need to get them all posted Ill post every 3-4 hours. After that i’ll take 2 days off to give my followers a chance to see the photos. Especially when I post a video I want to go viral I won’t post again for 3-4 days to give it time to gain traffic.



In conclusion you have to build your brand based on a target audience and you have to give them what they want. When they follow you they expect to see the same kind of content from you. If you stray from your norm you will lost followers. You can however when you get advance build dual niche or even a triple niche page but I will speak about that in the future. I hope this guide helps you to build your accounts if you have any questions reach me on Instagram or Twitter.




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