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Life after Crowdfire. How to build your Twitter brand without breaking the rules.

Life after Crowdfire.

One day we were managing 25 accounts on twitter. We were easily following 1000 people per day averaging 250 followbacks, This then turned in to 25-50 emails from a auto dm from crowdfire apps features. Then from 50 emails to 10-15 clients per day spending anywhere from $25-$100 per person. Daily this added up to a nice profit in marketing and we were easily making thousands a month. Then out of nowhere the dreaded email came saying something about changing twitter rules and how the crowdfire app will no longer be supporting auto dm and changes to their following policy.

This has sent ripples across all of the digital marketers who manage twitter accounts. The main reason this sucks is because it hurts not only our pockets but it also makes twitter more money. Twitter benefits from normal people having to pay for twitter ads in order to get the same effect they were getting from following unfollowing.  This practice is known as follow churn and its against twitter policy and you can get your account suspended. So the question is what can a marketer do now to build brands?

I have a list of ideas that may help you to your crowdfire afterlife and assist in getting some of your money back that you’ve lost from the changes. This video speaks of some of those ideas, but I’m writing this much later after it happened so I included more strategies that were not in the video. You can see more videos like this one Click Here

Consider dm’ing people as they follow you.

  1. In order to build your page now you will really need true engagement. Engagement organically helps you to find real followers who really are interested in what you are talking about.
  2. If you were to sell products on the street as say a lemonade stand, would you do it mute? Or would you speak to each customer as they approached you. I started telling clients they need to speak to each and every follower who dm them in order to build a relationship with these people instead of using auto dm.
  3. We’re not robots, we’re people and people have feelings, and emotions and once you tap into a persons personality you uncover something to love about that person, or hate. The take away here is people who are real seem to gravitate toward each other.
  4. Be yourself and everyone will embrace you for whom you are. Sharing your stories and tweets will happen naturally as they become supporters of your cause.

Only follow people you actually want to follow.

  1. Before we were simply following other peoples followers and randomly getting followers sending them auto messages not conversing with them at all. Now we need to be strategic. You must follow only who you believe has something to offer you and if they never follow back then unfollow them but don’t go around following and unfollowing people its against the rules.
  2. Find people who inspire you to do better in life. Motivate you to make better content. People who are great at something you plan to be great at you’ll find the benefit in using twitter in this manner.
  3. Follow people who engage the people who you follow to gain more engagement. If you like what they tweeted, they might like what you tweet.

Start Using Twitter Ads.

  1. Before the reason why people used crowdfire was to get free followers and grow their brand free without having to pay twitter. Now you may want to consider using twitter ads to get an edge on the competition.
  2. Twitter ads are costly, but not if you know what you are doing. If you have made it this far you know how to communicate with your followers and you can turn a profit from the people following you. Make sure what you spend on ads is less than you make from dealing with individual followers so you can surely profit from using twitter ads.
  3. Reach out to brands and collab with other influencers to gain more followers using twitter ads will help you make the product they sell or want promoted reach a target audience and help you to become authenticated with your influencer efforts.

So if you are still attempting to build brands for others don’t worry you can still pull it off. Just follow the Twitter TOS and don’t spam. Don’t become annoying to other twitter users and you’ll surely be on your way to higher followers and engagement land. Follow me on twitter to stay up to date with my tips and tricks.





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