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Seo and Sem Why you need both for your brand


The world is going digital, and probably there seems no segment or niche where the electronic platform has not reached. For each minute passed there exists 500+ new websites that add on to the huge online-mob and begin to work hard to mark their presence. The competition level has settled really high, and even with the search engine rank difference of one or two, you can be left behind by your competitors.
If you are related to any of the online entity like blog, website, etc., and planning to promote it to the next level, you should know about the two important terms that can help you to list your business to the first page of Google or any other search engine.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the simplest definition is optimizing the search engine to get the traffic from the organic, natural, free or editorial search results over the search engines. It can be done in two ways- On-Site & Off-Site Optimization. On-Site Optimization involves removal of duplicate content from the website and putting the right keyword-rich content, proper titles tags, meta data, headers, codes and URLs to filter out the reach of search engine bots. Off-Site Optimization

Often people get confused with SEM and consider it as SEO. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is a wider term that may include SEO. SEM is the paid search focused specialty that includes the money-backed marketing portion like –
· Geo-Targeting
· Mobile Search Advertising
· Adwords
· CPA, etc

All in all, both the terms are equally important and play a significant role in lifting the online businesses and their presence. However, for the new online entities, it is always recommended to first focus on the SEO part and then gradually move to the SEM with some research on the target market, budget, etc. in hand.

Majority of search results that drive real sales and true customers comes from SEO. SEM is great for brand awareness and recognition online. In the event that your SEO isn’t properly leveraged you will need to start with SEM to build your rank. This is considered speeding up the process in my opinion. SEO takes months even years to rank on search engines, because you are essentially allowing people to stumble across your content online through search and targeted keywords. If your business is growin

g this could take a long long time to happen.

A competitive business which a grand idea, or great brand who doesn’t know all the SEO tactics could even the playing field by purchasing ad placements on social media and search engines to allow their brand to build slowly in rank. Click and engagements will raise the search rank of your content thus allowing the SEO portion of your content to become more visible to search engines and social media.

You want to have a plan or strategy that focuses on the usage of both strategies to ensure you are growing your brand properly. You cannot afford for the competition to outrank you on search engines because they will satisfy customers that were meant for you. Once a customer has found what they are looking for online and trust that brand you will have a tougher time growing your brand. SEM and SEO are necessary to build your brand, but SEO is more of the “free” techniques that you can perform where SEM is the “paid” version of SEO.

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